Classes where hard work

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Classes where hard work

One day I was sitting out in the sun almost asleep in the lounge chair at the Marriott in Ft. Lauderdale when a beautiful young woman around 25 or 30 years old walked up and said: "Excuse me, do you know any good cheap places to eat near the hotel?" I looked up and standing in front of me was a blonde hair, blue eye beauty wearing a very small blue and /bikini/red-bikini/">red bikini. She smiled and I smiled back as I stood up and took off my sunglasses to introduced myself. She was from South Carolina and her name was Janet. She was about 53" and very pale. She had little tan lines around her breasts, like she has another suit she wears sometimes. Her skin was lovely and her face looked more like a teen than a woman did. I laughed and told her: "Actually there are no cheap places to eat here on the beach unless you want fast food or something like that." "Yuck", is all she said! I asked her to sit down and we began to chat about vacations, hotels, banking, the school she was going to attend on Monday and places to eat. She was from a small town and had just started to work for a bank there. 

They were sending her to school to learn all about loans. I didnt tell her right away that I was one of the teachers and I would have her in my class Monday morning. I told her I always arrive, whenever I can, on a Friday night so I can have Saturday and Sunday to sit out in the sun, rest, read and just relax before I go to work on Monday. After some more talk she asked me what I did for a living and I alain lyle porn told her I was a banker too. She asked me if I was going to the same school and finally I told her I was one of the teachers! She laughed and said: "Oh great I picked a /teacher/">teacher to talk with!" I smiled and told her: "I do this around 2 or 3 times a year and enjoy getting down to Ft. Lauderdale especially in the winter like now. I told her while I had a bunch of people to dine with on Monday and Tuesday nights. But, I actually dont have any plans for dinner tonight. Would you like to join me for dinner tonight? I would be very happy to have your company! She said: "Well where will we be going? I have a set amount I can spend on food each day and have to be careful." I told her: "Dont worry, well do a reasonable dinner. If it turns out to be a little more than you can handle, I would be happy to pay the difference just indian santali xvideo so I can dine with another person. I hate to eat alone." She smiled and told me: "OK! Oh I dont even know yourname."

 I told her: "Its Bud. My name is Buddy but everyone calls me Bud! I use to live in Baltimore but now I live in a small town." She told me her name was Jan and she lived in South Carolina. I called the waiter over and ordered a drink. I asked Jan if she would like something and she told him bottled water. We continued to talk and I found this beautiful woman to be very charming and very very sexy. She had a very /bikini/small-bikini/">small bikini on that looked like small triangles over her breasts that were blue with red strips running in circle. They were held up with very thin straps tied around her back. The round firm breasts were held up showing a nice cleavage. The bottom of the suit was almost a thong. There was a little more material but it really showed off her small hips and waist and that wonderful ass that small woman usually have if they are not fat. Jan was not fat!!! 

Each time she wanted to get her point across she would leaned forward and her breasts /hung/">hung out there making my mouth water. I know she knew I was staring at her breasts. She had one leg bent at the knee with her foot on the lounge chair. As she talked she would wave her knee back and forth which opened and closed her thigh around the thin line of material that covered her pussy. From what I saw of the tan line, I was sure, as small as that bikini was down there, and as thin as that material was resting between her legs, she must shave her pussy bald! Oh man, the more I looked between her thighs and listen to her talk, the more interested I became in this woman. She put some lotion on her legs and stomach running her hands up to the crouch of her suit. I watched her hands move over her thighs and touch her pussy every once in a while as she rubbed it in. She rubbed lotion under the top of her suit and over her breasts. I watched again as her hand ran just under the material. She asked me to put some sun tanning lotion on her shoulders and back and I was more than happy to help her. She was so soft! I mean super soft. She took great care of her body that was for sure. Her skin was so smooth. I dont think there was a hair on her body. She was a real blonde, I was almost positive! She was very pleasant to look at and very intelligent to talk with, during the 3 hours we spent together. The day went by and before we knew it the clock on the bar read 3:30PM. 

She took a look at her breasts and legs to see how tan she was getting. I took a look at her breasts as she pulled the top out a little giving me a good look at her round white breasts under the bikini. She told me: "I burn so fast Bud I have to be careful! I think I better go in the shade. What time should we get together for dinner?" I didnt want her to go in yet, and asked her: "Well when do you want to eat, early or late?" She told me: "It didnt matter. "I suggested: "Then lets do 7PM! That way I can sit out here for a little while longer." I had ordered another round of drinks and when they came I asked her: "Maybe we should sit at the bar, in the shade and drink them. I dont want you to get so burned you cant have dinner with me Jan!" She told me: "Yes, that would be a good idea!" We walked together to the bar and got two chairs at one of the tables in the shade. She excused herself and went to the ladys room. I watched her walk away and saw her ass swaying back and forth for the /first-time/">first time. It was a really nice firm round ass! 

Her cheeks were tight and stood up high inside that tinny suit. She was quiet beautiful and her body was shaped almost perfect. Her breasts were maybe 34Bs and her small waist accented her hips. Her hair was about 5 inches below her shoulders and a silky blond. Her eyes were blue and her face looked very young. A few minutes later she returned smiling as she saw me looking at her and sat back down. I think she truly like talking with me and I sure did like talking with her. As we talked she would touch my knee or shoulder or hand and smile a great deal. She was always moving her hair from out of her eyes and face. Her body language was indicating she liked me too! I was leaning in close to her as she talked and Im sure I gave her the indication that I really like her. My bathing suit had a big hump in the center of it and she was always looking at it. 

We had one more round of drinks and left the pool bar around 5:45PM. She asked me what she should wear and I told her casual. Everyone is casual here, almost all the time. "So skirt and blouse OK?" I told her: "Sure or slacks , jeans whatever you feel good in. Im wearing slacks and a polo shirt. Were only a couple of blocks from the place and they wear just about anything and everything at the Fishery." She asked: "The 15th Street Fishery?" I said: "Why yes! You been there before?" She told me: "No a bunch of people had recommended the place. It was expensive but very good." I told her: "Look dont worry about the cost Jan. The food is outstanding and I can handle the cost. You leave the tip. OK?" We walked back to the elevator and got on together and as I let her on first, she saw me looking at her ass. She smiled at me and looked at the front of my suit. I was sticking out. I was semi-hard all fucking afternoon! She was on the 5th floor and I was on the 7th. Her room was 2 doors down from the stairs and I walked her to the door telling her: "Ill just walk down the stairs at 6:30PM and pick your up. She smiled and we shook hands as she left the elevator. When we touched there was a static electricity shock between us. She jumped and so did I. She laughed as the door closed and I headed to my room. At 6:30PM I walked down the stairs and rapped on her door. She opened it and told me to come she was almost ready. OMG when she met me at the door she had a short /tight/tight-skirt/">tight skirt on with a beautiful light blue blouse. It was over her shoulders and showed of her tits very nicely. She was extremely beautiful, with very little makeup and her hair floated from side to side as she walked back into the room! She told me she would be 5 minutes and went into thebathroom.