Servant makes a man out of master

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Servant makes a man out of master

Note: This story is partly true and this is my first story so please email me. 

I live in a city in India with my family. We are a well to do family and we have a servant ? a female servant. We had her since I was in 3rd grade. In this story she is the main character. She used to wear a dress with a low neckline and whenever she used to bend over to clean the floor of the house her bra used to come into view and I could see her boobs. 

When I was in 3rd grade I didn?t know what boobs were so one day when I asked her what those big globes were, she blushed and said that those were her boobs. Sometimes I would touch them and feel their roundness. At such moments she would let out an audible gasp more like a moan and would half-heartedly tell me not to do it. I would fell something hard in my groin whenever I touched her boobs. As I grew older I learnt everything about *** and I used to get pretty ?excited? on remembering what used to do. But I never realized that knowing and doing all this would change my life drastically.

When I was in 10th grade, this incident took place. Any way let me introduce myself and the maid. I am a kid in 10th grade, about 5?8 tall and a muscular guy and the maid is about my age, has good and round boobs and a perfect hourglass figure and had very rosy nipples. I knew she had rosy nipples as one day when she was changing her dress in her room I ?accidentally? walked into the room and saw her. She was always attracted towards me and would say nothing when I would touch her boobs when I was in class 7th, in fact she would close her eyes and smile dreamily.

We used to go for tours in my vacations all over India and sometimes abroad. We always used to take the maid along with us as she looked after me when I was small while my parents used to go to business parties. By the time I was in 8th grade I was a red-blooded teenager having all info about s**. This time my /dad/mom-dad/mom-and-dad/">mom and dad were going to go to Shanghai for a business deal. They were planning to take me too but I opposed the plan as I didn?t have any interest in going to Shanghai. So my /mom/">mom & /dad/">dad decided to leave in the care of our servant who would cook for me and would be in the house while they went to Shanghai. I was more than happy for I could now see movies of my own choice without having to bother about anyone!!!

My mom and dad left for Shanghai on Saturday and I was free from Sunday. On Sunday morning I woke up at 8:30am. I got ready in half an hour and I started to surf the net. I went to a search site and I searched for nude pics of Pamela Anderson and some more sexy celebs in real hard-core action. I started seeing the pics and at the same time I started jerking my dick. My dick was a good 8 inches long when hard. Just then the servant came and saw me with my dick in my hands. The sight of it transfixed her. I noticed her and lewdly faced her and asked her innocently if she wanted anything. She was still staring at my dick. She mumbled something and went out of the room. Suddenly I had a brainwave. I decided to observe the servant?s boobs. I reasoned it would be better than seeing pics of boobs. I closed the computer and went into the living room where she was setting the living room up. I went and sat on the sofa from where I had a clear view of her boobs. 

Then she bent down xxx sex video download free com to take a vase and lo behold!!! I got the sight of my life. She was wearing a thin brassiere and through which I had the most generous view of her boobs save the nipples. I was just transfixed. Then, she saw me staring at her boobs and then she gave a sexy smile and came near to me and bent down and tried to seduce me with her seductive looks. I could see the top portion of her boobs very clearly. My dick was raging to get out and it had formed a visible bulge. She asked me innocently what I was looking at.

 When I told her I was looking at her globes, she blushed. She decided to seduce me by asking if her ?globes? were big. She asked me to feel them and tell her how they were. Oh man!!! I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world to have such a slut for a maid. I put my hand on one boob and for the 3rd time in my life I touched real /sexy/sexy-boob/">sexy boob flesh. I felt its roundness and innocently asked her what the pointed thing on her boob was? I pressed it and she closed her eyes, smiled and moaned in pleasure and told me continue doing it. I decided to now play my own game. I told her that I could only judge her boobs if she took off her shirt.

 She was so turned on by my pressing that she almost ripped it off, undid the bra clasp and in an overt display of her jugs, she held them in her hands and told me to press the both the boobs. She was just looking a porn star in a /skirt/sexy-skirt/">sexy skirt. I now told her that I had sexxxx video ful hd a problem in my boxers and I took them off. She was stunned for a moment seeing the size of my dick and its thickness. I now realized that I had a golden opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream of doing my maid. She started begging me if she could touch it and feel it. I decided to tease her and told if she wanted to touch and feel my 8-inch /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, she would have to lick her boobs and bring herself to a /climax/">climax. 

She sat down on the sofa and spread her legs wide open and started pinching and licking her boobs. I was surprised that she actually agreed to do what I said and then I realized that she was infatuated about me. I could notice some dampness in her white panties. I got so turned on that I involuntarily started jerking my dick. Very soon her breathing became shallow and she started screaming and shook like a leaf in a storm!!! After her climax I saw through her skirt damp patches on her panties and some pussy juice dripping down her inner thighs. I said, ?Well, ya slut. You have earned u r reward.? As quick as lightning she jumped over to me and started feeling and jerking my dick. 

Already I was about to cum on seeing her climax and now her jerking off added to the fury inside my balls. At last when I couldn?t restrain it, without warning I spurted cum all over her face and boobs. She was surprised that a pre-teen could cum so much and complimented me. My dick started drooping after this show but she, with her touching, revived it and without warning she gobbled it up and started deep throating it. I was having the time of my life!! I let out a sigh of pleasure. She started kissing the head of my dick and licked the big vein just near the head. The sight of her bending down and sucking with her boobs swaying rhythmically really turned me on again. 

My nut sac tightened and without any warning I cummed for the second time, this time into her mouth. She drank up all the cum and made a clean job of it. I had only seen such action in porn flicks!! Now after having been satisfied, she stood up and took off her skirt and ripped off her white damp panties. I took her panties and smelt them. They had a musky smell, which was very intoxicating. Now she was completely nude before me. I too took off my shirt. Now both of us were nude. My attention first went to her pussy. Oh god!!! It seemed so tight, tasty and pink with some pubes sticking out. I went near it stooped down and was starting to lick it when she said, ? Hey /boy/stud-boy/">stud boy u can have that later, first make mama happy by doing her boobs?.